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I was international nurse. I passed the NCLEX in new York  last month. I am going to transfer RN license to Virginia . My foreign  education approved by NYSED NOT CGFN. My college sent all document directly to new York education department. I searched the VA board if I need to endorse my license I need to have CGFN TO APPROVE MY EDUCATION. I am so confused. My education had been approved so I was eligible to take NCLEX. Anyone has same situation like me. ? thanks ! jin


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Apparently a CES report is part of the requirements  for endorsement .


I have the same situation. However, I choose to use Visascreen to do the endorsement. I am not sure if it works. But the VA nursing board said that they accept CES or Visascreen for endorsement ONLY. Anyone did it before? Please commend. Thank you!

Currently dealing with this problem in my endorsement from NY to NJ license. To my disappointment, they said that because NY BON has their own way of processing education, the CVS that you filled out and processed in CGFNS is not considered the same, therefore will need to be re-evaluated through the CES application. It was $485 out my wallet.

The only good thing is that since I went through CGFNS before with my CVS application, they had my non-US based college transcript still in their system. So in a sense it's somewhat shorter since you don't have to get your foreign college to resend another certified copy of your college transcript to CGFNS.

The only new thing you need to upload was your high school diploma into the system.

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