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Hi please I need help, I'm international graduate from Philippines currently working as LVN here in California. I have RN License from Hawaii BON and planning to endorse to Oregon state . My question is since Oregon BON require 960hours clinical employment for those who are out of school for more than 5 years, is my LVN 960hours clinical employment is okay, or need to be RN clinical hours too?

Please help.Thank you

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From the Oregon BON web-page: "Practice Hour Requirement: If it has been more than five years since you graduated from your nursing program, you must include on your application proof of completion of at least 960 hours of nursing at the level of licensure sought." (emphasis mine). This to me means that the 960 hours must be practice at the RN level to qualify for RN license.

The are special rules for endorsing if your original degree was from out-side of the U.S in addition to general endorsement requirements. You may want to directly reach out to the BON for advice.