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 I was trying to endorse my NY license to NJ,but I’m internationally educated nurse,so I’m not sure what is requirements for foreign educated nurse,do I need to submit my toefl scores to endorse my license? I did call the board to ask them about this question but she told me it depends on the school you went,I have to submit the application online first,but I just want to make sure what is requirements before I submit it,because it is expensive. Does anyone know about foreign nurse to endorse their license? Please comment,thank you so much.

I'm also struggling with this issue, are you were able to find out? Did you transfer your ny license to Nj 

I believe it is not required to submit your toefl scores if you have already passed the NCLEX.

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I have also passed NCLEX and applied for NY for licensure and I was a graduate of Nursing in the Philippines, someone told me that I have to endorse the license through CGFNS, they have a service called Credential Evaluation Service Professional Report but not 100% sure if this is the next step I have to do either and trying to see if I can find answers online.


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