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Endorsement Issue. HELP

vidasv vidasv (New) New

hello to everyone. I am in kinda of a dilemma. any help will be highly appreciated.

I am currently going through an endorsement process of my licensure. I hold a NY state Rn license and I am endorsing to CA.

when i went through my application for the NY state it was NOT easy at all. they were very thorough and it was all through the CGFNS-CVS. I got that done and out of the way, passed the exam and so now I have a NY-Rn license.

Now, i am a military spouse and with it comes along moving.... hence.. i had to move to CA. I did all the applications and what not, did the fees, background checks, fingerprints and so forth.

And now, I get a mail from the CA BON that I do not meet the requirments for the Med Surg of Nursing Obstetrics theory and clinical portion. I am a foreign grad. I've read a couple of threads regarding this issue and it's heart breaking because I pretty much don't even know where or how to begin on what should I do next.

It's hard to explain to them that it's different in my country. Our five(5) clinical cases are just merely a requisite for us to take the local boards. Now, on the other hand, all those clinical hours when we were still student nurses when we were there still in the hospital watching/cleaning the instruments....those count in the clinical hours. It may not show in the clinical case that we submit but we're there.

Anyone else who has this issue going on? I need feedback on what to do next. How to approach this issue? It's not like I can just pack up my stuff and leave and go for another state because I have a family here.

help..what to do.who has the same dilemma?

thanks a bunch in advance.

There are A LOT of people with similar issues.

Some options: Take the required courses (no official school opening yet). Test for LVN. Repeat nursing school in the States.

Good luck!


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