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Hi I’m Tierra a new RN to Las Vegas area. My temporary license recently expired and I am only waiting for my fingerprints (Livescan done in NV) to clear.. they were taken on March 20th. I have a job offer with an hospital here and want to know how long was the wait for electronic fingerprints to post on your nursing portal? Is it really STILL 2-4 months for electronic fingerprints?

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My experience is no. I have been licensed in the state for several years, and we have to submit fingerprints every five years with license renewal. I just turned mine in. I went to a place that submits fingerprints electronically, and my renewed license was posted a week or so after I sent the paperwork to the NSBON in Reno.

Yours is apparently by endorsement, so it may take a little longer. When I did my endorsement license, I submitted my fingerprints immediately upon arrival in Las Vegas, and I was within about a week of my temp running out when I got my permanent license. We didn't have the electronic option back then.

Did you get your electronic fingerprints posted on your portal yet?

I took mine a few months ago for repeat taking of the NCLEX but I'm still waiting.

I previously had my e-fingerprints done at one of the locations posted on NSBN website and my fingerprints were processed in just 2 weeks.

(although it was before the NSBN created the Nevada Nurse Portal)

But this time I went to the Board of Nursing building to get my e-fingerprints done and been waiting for over 2 months now. The worker that took my fingerprints told me to just check my Portal account online from time-to-time within 2 to 4 months and that they'll do the fingerprint part for me.

I'm hoping I don't have to wait 4 months for my fingerprints to be posted. I just want to take the NCLEX and get it over with.

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Orca, ASN, RN

Specializes in Corrections, psychiatry, rehab, LTC.

When I had my fingerprints done for my license renewal, my license was updated within less than a week.

What was amusing about the place where I went was that it was literally in the same room as a bartending school. To the left was the fingerprinting station, and to the right was a full bar complete with liquor bottles, glasses and jiggers.


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