Ending my first full month of LPN program


Well, I haven't been able to update weekly which I think is okay because its not very eventful. I am currently finishing up the LTCA portion of the program and have done lab check offs consisting of hand washing, gloving, and vital signs. While working on the LTCA portion I am also working on Fundamentals and Concepts. With Fundamentals I have a head to toe assessment check off and a glucose check off. I am maintain an A average on my check offs. Before starting the program I told myself I was striving for straight A's, and, well... that isn't happening! lol. But, it is okay, because I am still learning a lot! My classmates and instructors are great and the "senior level" students are a big help! The coolest thing we've done so far was that we were able to attend the Oklahoma Board of Nursing hearing in Oklahoma City last week. We got to hear cases of LPNs, RNs, and APRN's getting their licenses suspended and such. It was a great experience getting to see some of the common things nurses get in trouble for. We start our clinicals at the end of October over at the VA. I'll probably make my new goal to update monthly instead of weekly.

So far the experience of LPN school is just reading reading reading! But I love it so far and cannot wait to get more in depth =)