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Iam a psychiatric nurse from the UK who is planning to come to Canada in April of this year. Ok this is my problem, which i hope someone can help. I have been offered two jobs one in Abbordsford with the goverment in the prison, and one with fraiser health in Surrey wth Adolesants.Caqn any one tell me which is trhe best to work for and also any experiences either good or bad would help


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Hi there manchesternurse, welcome to the club soon, though im not a psych nurse so probably not much help with your querry...when we moved here in vancouver (3months now), we heard quite a few things about places here not sure how true:confused:, but we do listen and take advise....central surrey "they say" got quiet few issues about peace and order, if u know what i mean....i met a nurse working in the new abbotsford hospital, she said abbotsford is general ok, their transportation system (buses) is not that good though, easier to walk so better make sure you get a place near your work....i can speak through my experience in here, its an hour to get to my workplace, so if the bus wont show up on time, you are dead late, but we are staying here, i love this place, enough space for my kids and the landlord dont mind little kids, we live in a garden basement, so perfect for the kids when they come over....but what i can suggest and really suggest is, if u got a chance, VISIT FIRST....we've learned our lesson, so its a shock more than surprise for us....havent been in abbotsford yet, but check their website, every municipality here in canada got a website, dont be fooled though, the website can overdo it, you know, so check out for yourself....thats our next option actually, out in vancouver and move to abbotsford, but all on hold for now, bec. vancouver island sounding more for us.....well, all the best for u then.....


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Surrey can be quite rough in some areas, and because Abbotsford is more rural and a little further away from Vancouver, living expenses will be cheaper, traffic better, etc. If I were you, I'd choose the job you think is best suited for you, because regardless of the job's location, you can always commute.

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