employment history conflict, please help!


Hi everyone

I'm a new grad looking for a job applying everywhere I can. Like for many others it's been tough but I'm hanging in there. I worked way too hard to give up now! That being said, I've found myself in a bit of a pickle and am looking for a little insight. From 2003 to 2007 I worked on a labor and delivery unit as a tech, I was already a CNA but I was also trained to scrub in for C sections. It was a great job and I got a lot of experience but once school started I dropped down to prn status. I was going to work when I came home on breaks but my school schedule always conflicted with what my unit manager needed. She sent me letter in Nov 2007 saying she would have to terminate me if I couldn't work when she needed me. I called her and we talked and agreed it would be better for me to resign. I took my resignation letter to her and she accepted it. Well today I decided to check with my previous employers to make sure there was nothing in my employment history holding me back and they have me as terminated in July of 2007! After a slight meltdown, I called my old unit manager and discussed this with her, very politely asking for an explanation; at first she said she didn't remember but then called me back saying she has both letters (hers and mine). I did keep the letters but I have to find them. My question is what do I do now? How do I fix this? Also HR will not say whether eligible for rehire over the phone.


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I would suggest that you find out what there policy is for disclosing whether or not you are eligible for rehire. If they won't tell you over the phone, find out how you can get this information.

If you are not eligible for rehire, most facilities have some sort of process for appeal. It sounds like you have a good case for appealing it.

Thanks, my old unit manager told me to contact adminstration so I will call them monday and see what they say.