What is the best stethescope for an ER nurse?

  1. After a long 3 years as an RN trying to get a position in the ER......I got it. Now all the prepartion begins. What is a good pocket resource, as I have no ER experience. What is the best stethescope to use? I have a cheap Littman and can hear fairly well, however I realize that the ED can be a noisy place. Thanks for all of your help!
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  3. by   edrnloveit
    First of all congrts to you. I may be biased in my opinion but there is nothing like nursing in the ED. Our Ed director suggested a reference book for us from USC called the Hospitalist handbook, I really love it. As far as stethoscopes go I went with the Pittman cardiac master and for years it has served me well. You can get some great deals on this model online. Welcome to the ED, I wish great success in your new endeavor.
  4. by   Esme12
    These are a few I have found worthy. I always carry pedi references. I think the littman Cardiology III Is more than sufficient to hear what you need in the ED. You won't have time to listen for heart tones, mummurs etc. That's an ICU thing. In the ED it's are they there or not. can you hear breath sounds or not.....so anything that you can "hear with" is good enough.

    The Tarascon Emergency Department Quick Reference Guide
    The Vedells resuscitation chart
    Pocket Emergency Medicine (Pocket Notebook Series)
    Micromedex is pricey but a great reference for your smart phone.
    Fast facts at your fingertips.
    AAFP Mobile Solutions Center

    Welcome to Chaos!!!!
  5. by   Robublind
    Its Cardiology III vs Master Cardiology again... I like the STC. I think you will be ok with any "good" stethoscope to start, wait and see what you need once you are in the ED. Then spend your money.
  6. by   Esme12
    I have both and use both.......I save my master for ICU/CTPACU.
  7. by   eCCU
    Think labs electronic very light and loud works perfectly in a loud environment
    Thanks for all of your help! I am so excited for this change in my career. As well as for this blog! Thanks again guys!
  9. by   KBICU
    Www.allheart.com cheaper and u can get it engraved!
  10. by   EmergencyNrse
    I have a Littmann Master Cardiology and am pretty good with high frequency/low frequency auscultation.

    Truth be known, the vast majority of physical exams in the ER can be eval-ed with the 2.00/disposable stethoscopes... Don't go out of your way to spend lots of dollars. You don't need one to get the job done. Just my 0.02
  11. by   mcknis
    Agree with EmergencyNrse... I have used many scopes but just use whatever is comfortable for you. I used a sprague scope, but it was to thick around my neck and gave me an ache. I prefer anything I can hear with but lighter is better. Have used the same littmann scope through school and it still does its job. Just had to replace the tubing because it cracked on me, but no biggie. $20 tubing on ebay from china got me what I needed. I would just keep the same one and use it. If you have $200 laying around then spend the money, but if not, a cheap scope with good earpieces will work just fine!
  12. by   ecerrn
    I've used littman mostly, if the tubing cracks you can send it back and they'll replace it and the earpieces and recondition it for free, hint, don't wear it around your neck and it won't crack, or use a cover you can wash, also..whatever you get, have your name engraved on it...I've gotten mine back a few times once it was realized who it belonged to....
    Thanks everyone! I am going to stick with my cheap littman for now and then see if I should spend the money. Tomorrow is my first day, and I am SO NERVOUS and EXCITED!
  14. by   geminiBSN75
    So how did your first day go?