Vasopressin vs. Epi - page 2

Just curious as to how many of you have been using vasopressin instead of epi during codes? Personally, I've NEVER seen vasopressin used, and I'm not sure why; the one time dose would certainly be... Read More

  1. by   Uptoherern
    doesn't vasopressin have a longer half-life than epi? just wondering.
  2. by   Uptoherern
    ps....our paramedics don't use amiodarone because it has to be refrigerated....although we stock it in our code carts nonrefrigerated. In phoenix it is too hot in the ambu's for amiodarone. Also heard that wyeth pharmaceuticals "donated" a few million dollars to the AHA for a new building, and suddenly the drug showed up in the new protocols. anyone heard of this?
  3. by   CMERN
    Taught to use it...never have.... not yet. " THE FACT THAT 10 MINS IS A LONG TIME AFTER GIVING A DRUGTO SEE RESULTS. "
    If that IS the case I doubt we will ever use it.
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  4. by   ERQueen
    We use a lot of amiodarone, and I've seen it do really well. I have never given vasopressin in a code yet. I think a lot of it has to do with the doctor's comfort level and knowledge base. However, in recent studies vasopressin was shown to only have a better success rate in getting a pt through the code. There was no increase in the percentage of pt's who actually made it out of the hospital after coding.

    I know we've all seen the "dead" person with a booming carotid artery from all the epi we've given. It seems that vasopressin has an even bigger effect and will sustain a pulse a little longer than epi sometimes, but the pt's usually die at the same rate as they did before, those with vasopressin just took a little longer sometimes...