UPI story on ENA study for Emergency Nurses Week

  1. Survey: ER nurses risk violence at work

    CHICAGO, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- Eighty-six percent of emergency nurses have been the victim of workplace violence, according to a new U.S. survey.

    Nearly 20 percent reported that they experience workplace violence frequently, according to the survey of 1,000 nurses by the Emergency Nurses Association.

    Despite the danger, however, 64 percent of the nurses surveyed said they are "very or extremely satisfied" with their job, and 75 percent said they expect to be in the nursing industry 10 years from now.

    The top reasons for that satisfaction were patient interaction, camaraderie with fellow nurses and the opportunity to help children.

    Hospital administration, nursing staff shortages and crowded emergency departments were among the top reasons for emergency nurse job dissatisfaction, the survey found.

    To improve working conditions for nurses, the association supports action to improve emergency care on the local, state and federal level via increased funding for adequate training programs, efforts to regionalize and coordinate emergency care and the establishment of a governing body to oversee reform in the emergency care system.
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