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:chair: To start off with, I want to thank my co-workers, especially the techs who came running to help when I had really bad patients. I also want to thank my coworkers for transferring my... Read More

  1. by   Stitchie
    Quote from RNin92
    Well, there must have been something in the air last noc...besides the storm from he#@!!!

    Got to work at 0600...
    ED full (of course)
    All but one chest pain patient were psychs or drunks...or drunk psychs!!

    3 ODs...of course HAD to go to tele or ICU...
    4 drunks sleeping it off...2 in handcuffs (oh yea!)
    3 psychs crying and screaming
    3 psychs pacing yelling for their "God Da$$ Ativan"
    1 drunk 18 y/o calling for his mom...puking..and threatening to run into the street to "off himself"
    (I felt sorry for him...1st time doing beer bongs...silly little boy!!)

    Tom..although your choice in lyrics is cute...
    I thought "Welcome to the jungle" was more appropriate!!

    Stitchie...hang in there my's all down hill from here!

    If your working with a great'll sing your song together!!
    Or, in our case, cry in our beer together.

    It's got to be the Chicagoland thing -- I'm positive. I'm glad we're not the only ED getting the drunk/psych/drunk&psych patients -- we do have to spread out the joy. ASA OD's too, at least one code and my favorite patient, the one spewing from both ends.

    Well, I think I earned some respect from my coworkers last nite - to everything there is a purpose. One of the regular agency RN's said he was 'having the night you had last night but I have stupid patients -- you had really sick ones'. So I feel that I may have made progress.

    Thanks for everyone's support. I do work with a great team, and tonite I got to give back some and help others who helped me last night.

    Even with all of it's ups and downs, nothing beats ER nursing. Except maybe ER nursing with a ocean view. Can anyone hook me up?

    I don't know what I'd do without you all! And Tom, you never disappoint
  2. by   Stitchie
    Quote from SnowymtnRN

    Maybe someday i'll be there with ya Stitch! Hang in there!
    Dawn -- make it quick! We need you desperate-like!
  3. by   ChrisA
    Quote from gwenith
    I can tell the story from the other side. Got constipated the other day (yeah I know my own silly fault) not just constipated but teethmarks-on-the-toilet-door type constipated.
    I can tell you from my personal experience today that if you eat about a kilo of carrots during your biology class, you'll be anything but constipated 20 hours later. I don't want to get too graphic, but I apologise to whomever had to use the bog after me today.
  4. by   stretch thin
    Don't you love her job! Everyone ask why we are the way we are. Well take a good look at what we deal with. Last Saturday night: all 13 beds on the ER side full. All MC beds full. 5 in the hallway-2 of those need monitors, but unable to pull anyone in the hallway, because they need to be on monitors. So as the charge nurse I have the hallway beds and the 1 of the MC room.(we always keep on MC room open, because it has a monitor in it. Usually used for chest pains) Plus with my lovely charge nurse position, I'm also the transfer coordinator. Which I had 10 transfer calls, 8 of them I got to. So yeah I know exactly how you feel. I always say, it's a good thing I color my hair, because I would be gray haired. Hang in there. We love being ER nurses!