The waiting game...

  1. I've been an RN for about 7 yrs on a progressive care unit... I decided it's time for a change of scenery and have applied for a position in our ED. I am beyond excited to hear back... hoping beyond hope that they'll hire me and it'll be a smooth(ish) transition... fingers are crossed! Please wish me luck! I am looking forward to working with the cool kids! :heartbeat

    Just for fun, what are some of your best memories working in the ED - be it patient care, teamwork, or otherwise?

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  3. by   itsnowornever
    Good luck! As a student, I do have a "best story" and this is the patient that made me LOVE the smallish ERs....I didn't get him from the FD...his nurse was leaving for the day, so most of his work was already done, and he was hanging around waiting for labs and such...when I noticed the monitor, frigging HR of 35-40...WTH???? I leaned over and watched the man talking and laughing with his daughter...walked over and introduced myself and said I was just gonna check the monitor, and this sassy man says, "Do you really have to?" and laughs and I said, "Well, yeah! The machine is yelling at me, telling me that your heart is being wonky, gotta make sure you are still alive" and I kinda put my hands on my hips and threw the sass he laughed and said "ok, sure, do your thing" and the night kinda continued like this. apparently 35-40 was baseline for him. He was a DOLL! All sass and attitude and his family was FANTASTIC! When I was removing his IV and getting him ready to go home, he whispered, "Can't I just take you home with men? You are nice!" and I laughed and said "Sure, but I bring a husband, two kids and a bunch of animals with me" and he chuckled and said, "That's fine! As long as you come" and winked and laughed. This man was a PEACH! I loved him, loved his family and that's when I realized that yeah, working a level I trauma center would be GREAT....but would I really get a chance to joke around with patients like this and get to know them?
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    I just got an interview!!!!!!