South Eastern NE?

  1. Hello everyone, is there anyone who livies in south eastern New England? I am just wondering, I would like to get an insiders view into some of my local ERs and trauma centers. Thank you and be well, Barry.
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  3. by   chartleypj

    I'm from S.E. New England however I am not an ER nurse. How far are you willing to travel?

  4. by   Danuttmahn
    Hello chartleypj, I am just looking to chat with as well as maybe get a chance to visit an ER/Trauma center with someone who knows their way around the facility they work at. But speaking with someone outside of my family (they are all very biased towards their respected departments!) that works in a hospital setting would be wonderful. I live in northern RI so anywhere in SE NE is pretty close for me. You work in the OR I take it? I am still kind of new to the medical field, I kind of "looked" away from it in rebelion most of my life. Do you know which are the major Trauma centers in MA? Well any info you can give would be greatly appreciated Paula, sincerely Barry.
  5. by   chartleypj

    The ER is out of my realm, sorry. I can tell you, the facility I work for (not a level one trauma center) opened a new Emergancy Department about 18 mos. ago. The facility is about 30-35 minutes from your location. I'd be happy to answer any other question you might have. I take it some of your family members are in the nusring /health-related field?

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    Sorry for the typos !

  7. by   Danuttmahn
    Hello chartleypj, don't worry about the typos... my spelling and grammer are horrible! I need to work on that before I go to medical school, it's a good thing I have quite a few years before I get there...HEHE Anyway Your are correct, I have a large family and for the most part they are either in electronics or the heathcare field. I have realatives that are RNs in ICU, CCU, NICU, MED/SURG, LTC facilities and EMT paramedics to name a few. But I rarely see my family members (sad story). Do you know where the level one trauma centers are in MA? Now to show you how wet behind the ears I am, is level one trauma center the busiest? Also I was just wondering what department you you in Paula? I just took my BLS for heathcare providers friday night and one of the instructors works for the ER at Hasbro childrens hospital and he told me that his department as well as the Davol trauma center are always looking for CNAs. I hope I can get in there so I can get the experience while I work towards my BSN. Well thank you again for your information Paula, sincerely BArry.
  8. by   chartleypj

    I would think all of the level one trauma centers in Boston are busy; I know our hospital sends patients via medflight when the patient's condition requires more qualified care.
    I work in an acute care hospital, 8 room OR suite. I imagine any hospital-based work will offer experiences to compliment your BSN program.
    Good luck,
  9. by   Y2KRN
    Hello Barry,

    Are you going to be going to nursing school at URI? It is a good school. I lived in South Eastern Connecticut for four years and I started as an ER nurse there at a level two trauma center. It was a wonderful hospital to work for. I really liked the staff as well. I only worked there six months before I moved to Virginia and I still talk to many of my co-workers from Connecticut. Level two is not a teaching hospital and they do not have ongoing research projects going but, they still did see a good amount of trauma. It would not be a horrendous drive from URI. The hospital is located in Norwich, CT.

  10. by   Danuttmahn
    Hello Y2KRN, I am not going to URI for my BSN. I am going to Rhode Island College (RIC). The program is about the same and RIC is much closer (and more affordable)to me. I am going to try to get into UMASS Memorial when I finish up my BSN. This is because they have an acute care CRNP program. Then I have to work for a few years before I apply to medical school. Thank you for the information Y2KRN, take care and be well. Barry