Rule of Nines question........

  1. Rule of Nines question........

    I am confused!!
    I would appreciate any help as I cannot work it out!!

    I am doing a burns case study, and we have to work out the surface area of the burns the patient suffered. I know that the 'Rule of Nines' would be used, or the Lund and Browder chart, but I am still confused!?!

    What I don't understand is in the rule of nines, if a person is burnt on both arms, would they get a '9%', or an '18 %' score? Or if they were only burnt on 1 arm, would they get a 4.5% score. I am soooo confused, I have looked in my texts, on the 'net, but nothing specifically states this. Thank you!

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  3. by   AlaskanRN

    in the rule of nines the head and neck accounts for 9%
    each arm is 9%
    the front of each leg is 9%
    the back of each leg is 9% for a total of 18% on each leg
    depending on how you were taught... the front of the chest/abd is 9% and the back is 9%
    OR the upper half of chest/back is 9% and lower half of abd/back is 9%
    the groin accounts for 1%

    this should total up to 100% of body surface

    this is also calculated for is different for peds due to the relative size of their heads...

    i was also taught the 1% method...
    the surface area of the pts palm makes up 1% of their body can estimate the burned surface using that method if the burn does not cover a large area...or is in spots over the pts body...
    i believe this method can also be used with peds

    hope this helps
  4. by   nurslingIUS
    Rule of Nine's for estimating Burn Area - average 9% Body Surface Area for each of:

    entire upper limb
    anterior or posterior surface of one lower limb
    1/2 of the anterior or posterior surface of the trunk
    total head and neck (adult)

    Hope this helps. Cathy