REST BREAKS for Nurses in The ER - page 4

Life in our ER is, no doubt, as busy and demanding as it is in yours. We work 12 hour shifts. I love the work. I love the pace. I do not, however, love both for hours on end without breaks. We... Read More

  1. by   JessicRN
    [QUOTE=pinefarmgirl]This makes me really angry, and is a constant topic at every hospital. YES- the LAW is that in an 8 hour shift, you MUST get a 30 min meal break, and 2-10 minute breaks. Almost nobody actually gets all that at any hospital I have ever seen.

    Different hospital have different laws. MA law is one 30 minute lunch break in anything over 8 hrs. No breaks. No scheduled meals or breaks at night.
  2. by   mickeypat
    This problem does not only exsist in hospitals... it is also a big problem in LTC! I work as the night charge nurse at a nursing home with 42 residents and 2 nurses aides on at night. We as the licensed staff have all the meds to pass, documentation for our shift and follow up on things left by previous shifts to do... etc. and also have a large number of feedings to run thruout the shift. I am lucky to be able to stop and use the bathroom for 2 seconds! If an alarm goes off, I'm usually the one to get it! Oh, and if the aides are on rounds, well, I answer the lights and toilet residents also! I'm even the maintainence person and housekeeping at night! It is very stressful and very tiring to do this on a nightly basis, but that's the way life is! Maybe we non smokers should take up smoking or be as forward as the smokers to say, "gonna go have a smoke" and take a very quick, short break.

    We need to think of ourselves and what we can handle and not always complain because we don't get what ever! Sad part is, is that we never have any food to eat and are not allowed to enter the kitchen because we have been accused of stealing all kinds of food, which is such a huge pile of crap, so if you're hungry, too bad...

    Guess what I'm saying in a nutshell, is look out for yourself, keep your patients and residents safe and comfortable and do what you need to do...:icon_hug: