please help, how to preparing for the second ER nurse interview

  1. hi, I am a new graduate, and have great compassion about being ER nurse, i have passed the first time interview, and preparing for the second time interview with the ER manager. I am worrying about that, this is my first job interview, and i kind of like that hospital and willing to work there, I am going to buy 1 ER nurse book and read some nursing journal for preparing my second interview, if anyone here can please give me some advise, I really need it, and really appreciated by your help. good luck for everyone!!!
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  3. by   honeycutts
    Congratulations on your interview and good luck!!!!
  4. by   Medic09
    Congratulations on your interview.


    You don't need to study for a job interview (except for some flight services, but that's whole different ball of wax). THEY KNOW you're a new grad. THEY KNOW this is your first RN job. They aren't expecting you to display encyclopedic knowledge of all possible patient presentations and treatments. There many not even be any mention of your knowledge base. All they're counting on is that you learned the base-line stuff taught in school.

    Just be clear about your desire, your willingness to learn, to work hard, to help out. Don't try hard to impress them; just be yourself. If they don't like that, then you don't want to work for them. You want to work for someone who will take you as you are, new grad RN, and teach you and help you grow into the job.
  5. by   candy3318
    Thank you so so much for advises, it makes me feel that I see the light in the darkness, I am more relax now, and I will maybe review some basic content i learned from school, and pray the God, God bless all of us.