Pedi ER requirements?

  1. Hello, Will you please share what requirements are in place for your Pedi ER departments for certifications, ie PALS, ENPC, BLS, etc.....
    Is ACLS needed for pedi ER or does PALS and ENPC encompass what is needed? I'd like to hear what others are doing. Thanks, Lucy
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  3. by   analee23
    In my pediatric ER it's PALS and ENPC. We are not required to have ACLS, although many of the nurses do. The reasoning behind not having ACLS is that we are a trauma hospital, our ER is attached to the adult ER, and children 16 and up are considered adult traumas, so the adult nurses take care of them. Adult nurses care for these teenagers ONLY if they are a trauma (meet the guidelines)... otherwise we get them in our ER.

    Hope that helps.
  4. by   raemon
    how about IV therapy training, is it required?