New Grad: Job offer in Ed with Psych, DOC and boarder crossers

  1. Hi All~ Well, it's finally happened, I have a job offer after graduating in May. I am so excited to have an offer, as this has been so much work competing with all the other new grads in my area to find work in a new grad program, and I feel very fortunate to have finally pulled it off! I am writing to ask for feedback from some Emergency room nurses regarding what it is like working with Psych, Dpt. of Corrections pts? This ED has a locked unit with those two populations, as well as border crossers. I know 2 people who spent time there and have told me how hard it was when you were assigned to the locked unit with these 3 populations, vs the regular ED pts. I am open to working with whomever needs help, but have heard it can get creepy as a new grad dealing with multiple psych pts in one room with lights dimmed, and no supplies. Also, no security for the psych pts, but plenty for the DOC and border crossers. I am excited for the job opportunity but wonder what the challenges would be for me. I also potentially have an offer in acutue care telemetry in another hospital but won't know for another week. I know that would be its own set of challenges, but am more concerned with how I might feel working with the locked unit in the ED. I have asked to shadow, and am set up to do that in a few days, hoping it will help! Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!
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    *Border crossers... yes, I know how to spell, I goofed in my haste