Need test to assess triage skills

  1. does anyone have a test to assess trige skills to give to ed staff or know where i can download one so i don't have to do the work myself? i'd hate to re-invent the wheel if i don't have to. i'm overloaded with work as it is. ena has nothing to help me. we use 3 tier triage in my ed.

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  3. by   rjflyn
    I triage were a skill easily mastered and cut and dried I imagine there would be tests for it. Since its not my guess is why you are having the difficulty.

    I think the best test is obsevation and chart review. Are they missing the really sick patient, is the patient that has learned the system and knows what to say jumping ahead of said real sick patient. Is the patient that is showing subtle sings of MI being sent to the lobby.

  4. by   nanb
    Thanks RJ. I already do that on an ongoing basis. I need a written assessment tool per our hospital protocol for competency. I can spend the time writing one out, but I was hoping that someone had a written assessment tool I could use. I appreciate the help though!!
  5. by   flashpoint
    If you search for START triage, you could probably find a few tests...I've found a few on their sites. They are a bit more EMS directed, but might get you started.