Most Frequently Used ED Meds - page 2

ED Nurses, I have started my preceptorship in the ED, and wonder if you can tell me where to find a list (booklet, digital file, anything!) of the most frequently prescribed ED meds? It would... Read More

  1. by   MajorDomo
    Most meds varies by hospital, best bet is to check any protocols you might have or the formulary for specific meds. For example during a allergic rx which pump inhibitor is used (Tagament, Pepcid, Zantac).
    Besides the individual meds, learn the classes as each med in a class tend to have the same side effects and actions.
    Two reference books on meds would be Fast Trax (which has individual modules you can get/update, it is also in a small three ring binder so you can add your specific notes ect...) and if you deal with the pedi population at all, Harriet Lane for dosages (a hint: after buying the book, go to kinkos and have the spine removed and make it spiral bound otherwise the cover and colored pages will fall out in a month.
    Hope this helps.

    Instead of Obecalp, our hospital uses nakul, usual dose of 10 fast IVP works, patients feel the effect as the cold flush travels up the arm.