I really want ER job!

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    I will be a new grad in April with a BSN degree. I am applying for an ER fellowship program at Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Through this I would have nine months orientation and be an ER nurse after completion of the orientation. My question is whether any of you guys can tell me what qualities people look for in an ER nurse? Also maybe some different questions that you were asked when you interviewed for an ER position? Also I was wondering whether they look at grades more or experience or more of the interview?


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  3. by   PedsERRN
    When we interview new grads for internships, we look at both grades and experience. Any out of school stuff would help, like working as a tech or unit clerk or volunteering in the medical field. We focus our interviews on behaviors more than knowledge. An example-Tell me about a time you had to deal with an irate pt/family. What did you do? What was the outcome?
    For a new grad, we care more about who you are than what you know. It is easy to teach someone new skills and knowledge, but very hard to change behaviors.
    Good Luck!