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  1. hello guys, i just registered, im a 4th yr nursing student and my problem is my mock interview is coming up really soon and i chose the topic of EMERGENCY NURSING. i just need to ask the RN's what kind/s of emergency cases do they usually encounter in their field so that i can research and review the interventions needed. i think that's what my prof and the panel will ask me., please, help me so i can start reviewing. actually i have basic knowledge about ER nursing because we already discussed that before but its very brief. please anyone, just so i'll have additional information that could help me pass my mock interview! thank you guys in advance!
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  3. by   snowfreeze
    For real, you have no experience, you are selling yourself in this interview. What interests you and why about emergency medicine. What do you hope to achieve as a nurse in your first three years of nursing. Will you further your education in the furture and will you continue with education while you work. What are your goals in 10 years as a nurse.
    ER nursing, what will you do when a 15 yo arrives with a shotgun wound to the shoulder. He is crying and bleeding a little bit, his vitals are stable, he is in distress. His mom and dad are following him into the ER right behind the ambulance stretcher. Mom and dad are really hyped up and screaming and threatning to sue if their son isnt saved and to kill the person who shot him.
    What are the first three things you would do in this situation?
    #1 Call security for mom and pop control
    #2 Call the social worker to work with mom and pop
    #3 If this is not a trauma facility, ask if the docs want to transfer the patient.