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  1. by   mommatrauma
    We use Geodon now where I work...but as for Haldol...you can give it IV, I have given it in the past...but it has never been approved by the FDA to be given that route...didn't say why it wasn't though...
  2. by   candyndel
    Haldol works good IV, but can also prolong the QT (same as droperidol, its cousin and an old PACU favorite) which can potentiate VT.
    The IV form is an option on our Ventilator Sedation Protocol, too (5 mg IV q 10min).
    I have personally given 40-50mg IV (in subsequent dosages) to pts that were 'dip jamming' or on PCP. (But hope to never do that again!)
  3. by   mommatrauma
    Also have to be careful w/Haldol, because it lowers the seizure threshold..so for your high risk seizure pts...ie alcoholics and druggies....benzos are probably a better choice because you cover both the agitation and the potential for withdrawl seizures...
  4. by   Peg804
    Haldol Vitamin H-doesn't matter IV, IM, SQ. get it in and hope it works in the you know what that is trying to kick the ever living s**** out of the entire ED staff. Easier if you have a running IV line,. but you gotta do what you gotta do, not my favorite, but works.