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    I have been preparing for a trip to Ethiopia with the assumption that as a former Neuro RN, I would be teaching the nurses and student about Neuro exams etc. I just discovered through conversation with the Head Surgeon, He also wants me to look over the ER (Been doing ER nursing about 3 years now) and discuss a better organization system for it as well as triage recommendations!! While I can certainly use the rec's we use here, I was thinking I might get a broader and therefore better, presentation by looking at other hospitals guidelines. Their ER is essentially (I am told) in utter disarray (probably resembles many of ours ) Anyone care to share? Multiple and enormous thanks in advance.
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  3. by   tony summers
    In the UK here we use something called Manchester Triage system. This is a system of flow charts that cover the majority of presentations to ER. The chart are clinical led and prioritise patients according to this criteria, i.e. a child with a temp over 39 would be seen before a child with a temp of 37 (sorry do not know the faherenhiet equivalent). A quick and easy way to prioritise patients, that takes just couple of hours to teach.

    Most hospitals seem to use this system when they are not doing something called see and treat.