First fulltime job from a stay at home mom. help please!

  1. Ive been a stay at home mom 3 years besides sept 2012 got a prn job at a nursing home. anyways I was offered a ER position. Im scared to death but I want to learn and grown and be able to get experience. this is a FULLTIME position which im not to fond of since im still too attached to my little princess but its hard to get anything these days and our family budget really needs it. so being as this is my first full time position it is self schedule 3 12s NIGHTS. Im wondering what would be best in scheduling them. I was thinking of trying to do just weekends. 3 in a row. get them knocked out. then I feel id be home more with my daughter any advice opinions encouragement? much appreciated!
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  3. by   lisajtrn
    I worked 3-12 hour night shifts every weekend, fri, sat and sun, for 13 years when my children were small. I didn't need daycare as my husband was home on the weekend. and just suffered through monday until I went to bed shortly after dinner. When they started school I would sleep while they were gone.
    This worked best for me. Not ideal but I didn't want someone else looking after them if I could prevent it.
  4. by   mommynurse25
    Thank you so much. my husband works nights m-f. home on weekends we talked about it that weekends would be best. I don't want to go daycare route either. and this is just temp I keep telling myself. im going to try for just weekends since that does fit best in our life right now. daughter can stay with grandparents Friday night while we both worked. Im a night owl so I have no problem staying up sleeping a good 6-7 hrs spend a few hrs with daughter husband eat dinner as a family head to work. that's my plan. and not like its going to be forever. gotta do what we gotta do right? I feel better if im home all week. lol I did a few 12 hr nights and 8 hr nights then I went to just weekends 7-3 and I loved it. Thanks again!
  5. by   lisajtrn
    Glad I could help you out. It worked for me and I hope it works for you. I was able to work and still be home every weeknight with my husband and kids. Was there for every dinner, saw them off to school and was there when they came home.
    I tried to reply to your private message but this board won't let me until I have posted a certain amount of topics.