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Hello RNs! I am an RN for a ER in NYC. I am also a new RN, having been practicing for 15 months, so I am pretty new. In the 15 months that I have been practicing, I can say I love being an RN. What... Read More

  1. by   nurseliang
    A newly vented patient shouldn't be 1:1? I'd disagree. If a person just got on a ventilator, they typically have much more going on than just airway issues so I would still argue that for a nurse to be safely able to care for a newly and acutely vented patient, they should be 1:1. Perhaps 1:2 if it's been a few hours and the patient is starting to stabilize.
  2. by   Boxer_Courage
    1:14 is insane, I'd find another place to work-there are plenty where you won't have that load. I'm not sure how you can do anything for anyone with 1:14. Most places I've worked have been 1:3, or 1:4, sometimes climbing to 1:5-6 if you're understaffed. National Nurses United is pushing for legislation that requires 1:3 regular, 1:2 stabilized critical, and 1:1 trauma or not yet stabilized critical. I hope it passes.
  3. by   Bri_guy_bri
    I live in Queens, but I work in an ED on Long Island. I've heard the horror stories of working in a city hospital. Our ED usually has a ratio of 5:1 or 6:1, and when we cross-cover each other, we are at most taking care of 12 patients(and that's only for an hour).. I think I'll stick to my hospital in the burbs. Good Luck, stay safe.