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i will be assiegned to ER,and it is my first job experience, please give me some tips... especially transcultural nursing and trauma... thanks in advance:wavey:... Read More

  1. by   new er nurse
    Congratulations! I'm on my second year and wouldn't change places with anyone.
    Don't forget to keep the doc updated on the patient. If their blood pressure is dropping the doc needs to know. Any unusual changes tell the doc.
    I had a patient last month who came in by EMS. The patient complaint seemed vague - he won't talk to us. He might have taken some pills but he won't tell us. Of course he wasn't sent to a trauma room because of how vague EMS was. I walked in the room saw immediately something was not right with this patient (profuse sweating, unresponsive). I went straight to a doctor. She came back looked at him and agreed. He was moved to a trauma room (supervisor questioned why I thought he needed to be moved), received an intense work up and was flown to a trauma center. He hadn't taken a few pills of one of his prescriptions buy had overdosed on corcidin ("skittles") which can be life threatening. Just one example of why I love having the docs work side by side and back you when you think something is not right.
  2. by   curlewis
    When orientating new staff, i recommend imagining 'worst case scenario'with each patient...'what will it be and what am i going to do about it'. That way when and if, it happens you have at least thought it through and will be somewhat prepared.
  3. by   Boston64
    Quote from mtreyes
    i will be assiegned to ER,and it is my first job experience, please give me some tips... especially transcultural nursing and trauma... thanks in advance
    Hi! I suggest watching your coworkers in action, if you are not in the middle of it, and see what you like that they did , said, etc, and then compliment them on it.
    Taking what we like and giving the person credit is a great morale booster and friend maker.
    My best nursing memory was when, after a crisis, a peer complimented me on the way in handled an emergency, under stress.

    Good luck and God bless!

    "He who sings prays twice" I suggest we sing a lot as we all need all the help we can get.
  4. by   NicoleRN07
    know what your limitations are...don't get caught up in something you're unsure of. don't be afraid to ask questions! i've been in nursing for 7 years, and the er for 3, and there are still things i have to ask about. use each patient as a learning experience...what did you do this time that you could do differently next time. last, but certainly not least, de-brief with your helps with the mental and emotional exhaustion!!
  5. by   YanRN
    I am heading into year two as an ER RN (worked as a ER tech for 2 yrs before). One thing that has helped me is to try to be the one to chart when a code blue or red rolls through the door. You get to watch the experienced RNs go to town and you get a good chance to learn your ER protocols.
    Also, I'd echo whoever said make the techs your friends, respect what they do and offer to help them if you can (you know, clean a room, empty a sharps...) a good tech is priceless!