1. How does your ERs document about cultural beliefs that influence health care? particular religious and/or spiritual beliefs? What type of questions do you ask? For most of our patients this is not a priority!!!! Anyone who can help me out.....
    ( Can you guess that these are JCAHO questions?) Thanks for any input.
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  3. by   mikemw
    In our ER we do not ask about cultural or religous beliefs on a routine basis. Why 1) as you pointed out this is often a non priortity with ER patients. 2) There is a likeihood that the patient my mis interprept the reason the question was asked.

    With that said we do try to be open to the fact that any one of our patients my have a belief that conflicts with the care we intend to provide. The answer is to be sensitive if a patient hesitates at a treament or procedure or even as an individual. For instance, not l;ong ago I had a female patient from the middle east she was very uncomfortable when ever I evtered the room. I asked her about it and discovered it was not me personnally but the fact I was a male in her country a "respectable female did not show most areas of her body to males the only exceptions, her husband and a doctor and I she knew I was not a doctor. She was worried about insulting me and had not requested another nurse. I explained that I fully understood and was not insulted and would get a female to care for her which I did by switching patients with another RN. Since then this woman has return and allows me to treat her, but tells me when she is unconmfortable with me doing a certain procedure etc and I only need to get someone for that procedure and not for her total care. This is how I was oriented into our ER and how the majority of us handle cultural/religions issues.

    If a patient is admitted we doi have a question on ourt patient information sheet that askes the question "Do you have any religious or cultural beliefs that may impact the care you recieve".