common ED medication infusions

  1. I am looking for some of the more common ED meds we would infuse - nitro, heparin, propofol, pressors, etc; typical starting dose, titration, etc. If anyone can quickly point me to a link I would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   robinzkj

    this is a great site - shows concentration, what you mix it with and loading does. I booked marked it on my blackberry and pull it up at work all the time. Just make sure you go by your hospital policies. For example I mixed a Cardizem drip as I was taught at another facility 100ml/100 mg (100ml remove 20ml and add 20mg(20ml) med) for a 1:1 ratio. well the dayshift nurse freaked out and said it was wrong because it should be 125mg/100 ml which is also a1:1 ratio. Well I was perfectly right but that isn't this hospitals protocol so they all assumed it was incorrect.

    Hope the site helps you!
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