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  1. Our institution has brought in this new 'role' to our department. Essentially the clinical care leader is the charge nurse. One is expected to be a leader, mentor, educator and problem solver. The kicker is that is an '18 month rotating position' to offer all a chance to lead. It comes with a 3$ an hour raise.
    I have been doing charge, facilitating, team leading (what ever name they want to call it) and have been a CCL for the past 18 months for a total of almost 9 years now. I have never had a performance review, nor have I had any negative situations (I have never been 'written up' nor taken into the office for any problems) The team I work with respect me and I often hear comments like "Thank God you were in charge, if so and so was here it would have been a nightmare", or just stated the other night--" you are working the weekend right? I don't want to come in if you are not in charge"
    I am now being told by my manager that I cannot re-apply for CCL, I will only be in charge if they are stuck, and that I am to mentor the new CCL's, and yes I lose the money.
    I understand the organizations's point in trying to offer leadership positions, but I am feeling very hurt by this. It almost feels like they are trying to get me to leave.
    Any one have any thoughts?
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