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    Quote from 8flood8
    honestly, i was quoting my lead instructor. but i found this for you:

    hauswald m, ong g, tandberg d, et al: "out-of-hospital spinal immobilization: its effect on neurologic injury." academic emergency medicine. 5(3):214-219, 1998.
    the university of new mexico (unm) school of medicine has an excellent department of emergency medicine. in this study, one of their faculty members, mark hauswald, performed an interesting study. dr. hauswald retrospectively reviewed all cases of prehospital spinal immobilization brought to the unm medical center over a five-year period. then, these were compared with cases from a similar hospital in malaysia for the same five-year period.
    interestingly, spinal immobilization is very rarely, if ever, used in malaysia. in fact, most nurses and physicians in malaysia could not recall ever seeing a patient with spinal immobilization applied. surprisingly, the researchers found there was less neurological injury in the malaysian patients (who were not immobilized) when compared with the patients in albuquerque (who received state-of-the-art immobilization).
    they concluded there was less than a 2% chance that prehospital spinal immobilization had any beneficial effect.

    not quite comprehensive of the u.s. like my statement implied.

    and the study is over 10 years old.
    i appreciate it!