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HI! I work with a doctor who constantly is riding my case about something. Regardless how ridiculous the complaint may seem he is always criticizing my work. If I am in charge, he constantly puts... Read More

  1. by   stkittprincess
    I have a question, are you the charge nurse in the ER or Manager?
    If you are staff nurse, follow the chain of command, go to your Manager and he/she will want documentation, dates, facts outcomes, but not personal opinions, ok, keep to the facts.

    I would suggest you try talking to him, but he doesn't sound real reseptive to conversation.

    If you are union, also notify your union steward.
    Now if your manager blows you off and you have said "Hostile" Then you can take it right to Human Resource, the union and the Patient Care Administrator/DON or whatever title is used in yur stte.

    Remember to stay calm when you are talking to manager or whoever.

    You have your rights, and abusive behvior by anyone toward you is uneceptable.