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Am going to be new to Emerg soon. Wondering if all you experienced ED nurses can talk about your assessment skills, namely, how you specifically approach your assessment, how to "assess the pt in 2... Read More

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    Quote from er_guy2003
    I'm with the other ones above. Not sure what you mean by a 3 min assessment. We do focused, sometimes across the room assessments. I also agree with Bill, you'll develop that "extra sense" that may make you look at another system, but that comes with time. I teach my preceptees 1 thing that may help. You will develop this with time: Just by looking and talking to someone for 10 seconds you'll decide 1 of three things.
    the pt is OK, the pt is not OK, or the gray area, We're Ok now, but we may not be in a few minutes. It's the latter that seperates the outstanding ER nurse, from just a good one.
    now i understand..Thanks....Sorry for my unclear question....Thanks again
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    thanks to all who answered my question...