*What is the funniest thing someone has came to the ER for?

  1. In the ER I have noticed that we have many patients that constantly want pain medicine and refuse to take the PO kind because it "dont work as fast". I am not talking about the patients who are really ill, but the ones who come to the ER and just want "pain meds". I find myself torn because I see the Hospice patients that hardly ask for anything as well as the elderly. I don't understand it.

    How doyou all feel about this and how can you treat the patient without being "aggravated" in your mind?
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    In the ER's there are different complaints that we get, more than others. I would LOVE to know what you all have seen and thought in your head "I would never come to an ER for that!?"

    The funniest thing I have seen is a man that was married to a woman, had a dildo stuck up his butt...and it was sticking half way out? All the doctor had to do was pull it out?!? :spin:
    Do a search or look on the humor page 'cause there is a long standing thread right along this path.