Emergency Education Institute Fall 2018

U.S.A. Florida


Hey everyone!

I'm going to start at EEI in Coral Springs in September and was looking for the other students that may be in my class.

Im looking to possible form study groups or anything. I don't want to walk in alone on the first day lol Just a little nervous.

Also if anyone has the syllabus for med surg 1, I'll greatly appreciate it!

Thank you all for your help:)

Hey Ariel! I'm Michelle. Can you pm me so we can exchange info? I literally don't know anyone..lol

Can you add me on Facebook Ariel weiss I'm gonna delete the post soon since it doesn't allow me to post private messages !!

Hi! Did you start? What do you think? I'm supposed to start classes January 8th. I would love to hear any advice you have.

Did you start the program?

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