Email to schedule phone interview for PCT position.


Hello all,

I am a senior nursing student. After months of searching for a patient care technician position, I finally got an e-mail from a nurse recruiter stating that he was interested in speaking to me. He had me click on a link to schedule my phone interview. Now when I completed this link, it asked me a few basic questions, to upload my resume, and for my time zone. It didn't actually have me fill out a time and date for my phone interview. Is this normal?

I have the number for the recruitment team. I was thinking of calling tomorrow once I get done to ask what the next step was.

Thanks for any advice in advance!

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It seems normal to me. That's because they usually will either set the interview time themselves, or give you a few choices and you pick the best one. Of course, if you do have any concerns, he's the better person than I to answer them :)

Good luck!


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Well, before I do my interview, I need to get my EMT or CNA certified.

Which one is faster?

My phone interview is next Friday.