Email salutations


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I'm getting hung up on the details of my latest job-hunting task-- writing an email to a staff development manager at the hospital I'm trying to get a job at. I have met with her previously: she headed a high school program that I participated in, and she also helped organize my preceptorship during my final semester of nursing school. When I met with her at the beginning of my preceptorship, she did (or at least pretended to) remember me from the high school program.

I would like to email her to let her know I am looking into employment at the hospital, and ask if I could forward her my resume to pass on to anyone that would be involved in hiring. My question is, should I address her formally with a "Dear Ms. __", or should I use her first name since we have met and communicated before?

I'm also still trying to figure out how to start the email ("you remember me, right? please? hire me? PLEASE? :bowingpur"), to acknowledge that we have spoken, without looking like I'm assuming that she'd remember me.