ELMS student to BSN?



Current situation: entry level masters- case management. We are finishing up the last class for our RN licensure and can sit for boards after April. Starting May I start my case management track and due to costs and simply not wanting to do CM anymore I am wanting to drop it.

So now I am in a predicament of having a RN degree and I need to know if anyone has gone through this process and what needed to be done to get a BSN.

My program offers ELMS and ABSN. I looked at our curriculum and in all actuality we take more units than the ABSNs. We are also offered a letter to future employers to state that we meet all requirements for a BSN it's just they don't give us one because it's a graduate program we enrolled in.

Does anyone know of any options? I was looking into RN --> BSN programs and it doesn't make much sense to me to have to take all these classes over again since I've already completed the requirements.

Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated!!

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It's my understanding you are going to need a degree. Whether it's the ASN or BSN. If I were you, I would just get the MSN now. I don't think a letter will suffice. They want to see the degree. I would actually get in touch with the HR depts of your local hospitals and see what they think.


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Thank you for your response. I just feel like this masters is costing me more than what it's worth at this point.