El Centro/Northlake College Spring 2018


I know that it is early but my goal is to attend in Spring 2018. I just recently took my Hesi my average was 84.4 I'm not retaking it. (I found the Hesi hard). The anatomy was really random. I have taken all pre-req's for the program with the exception of Micro and Chemistry. It took me 2 years to finish all of these pre-req's. I also went to two schools and I enrolled every semester possible to reach my goal. As far as the Hesi I would study the book that Hesi recommends. Also I cannot stress this enough PLEASE BUY CLIFF"S NOTES ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY BOOK. I think the book is between 5-10 dollars on amazon and the Hesi pocket app did help. It is similar to the Hesi but the questions are not exactly the same but the app does help you prepare. Also Barron's E-Z anatomy and physiology is a great book I brought this book at half price books. I would suggest you go there first before ordering off of Amazon. Please remember if you score an 80% and if you did well on all the other sections do not beat yourself up about scoring higher cause the Anatomy section is RANDOM there are 30 questions but they only count 25. Again, If your scores are like mine and if you found the test hard I would not retake it. I'm saying this because you can get other points from other things listed in the packet. Plus not to mention the score range is pretty steep and you have to realistic and honest with yourself when it comes to test taking. Also, I found out when you go online and look at your test results there is no room for error. You can miss 7 questions in one section and your score will be like an 80 something. I took my test a Grayson college they were really nice to me. At whatever testing center you choose to take the test, the format is not any different. I did study for at least two months before I decided to take the test. (Third attempt) I also think that if you are not able to grasp the information in the books that I recommended please make sure you hire a tutor cause they do help out. I know a great tutor who goes by the name of Emily she is awesome and her prices are reasonable. Because of her my scores improved drastically.



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Hey there! I am also planning on applying for Spring 2018. I needed to retake A&P 1 & English 1301 in order to bring my pre req up. I also plan on taking HPRS 1204 since it will provide quite a good few points into my app. With those 3 classes and possibly 2 electives, I'll have 22 points. The rest depends on my exam scores. I'm aiming for a total of 34 points! A friend of mine said that it should not be a problem to get in past 30points! The applicant pool varies but she said that fall semester has the most applicants. I believe the lowest number of points they have accepted is 27 with the new point system. Good luck!


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Good luck! If you need to take AP take Dr. Sexton at Norhtlake he is awesome and for HPRS take Denise Griffin both classes fill up quickly.


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How many points did you guys end up applying with?


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I am stuck. I have to retake my HESI! I have to wait for FALL 2018 Application. I had some family emergencies that required me to miss the scheduled exam I had before the spring deadline. I had a 98 in math, composite score of 85 in English and 76 in A&P. I'm hoping that after I retake it, my points will definitely add up past the 30 point mark. I will post results soon.