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Has anyone taken the ADN program at El Camino College in Torrance, CA? If so, can you tell me about your experience there. Was a good program? Did it prepare you enough to be an RN?

I am trying to take the Intro class this semester (next month) and it was full. I am going to try to crash the class. I need to take this class to finally decide if I want to persue Nursing. If so, I will start my prereq's this fall.

Otherwise, any other good ADN programs in LA? Mt. St. Mary's is too expensive. SMC seems to be too busy and hectic.

Thanks for the info. :)


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I just graduated from El Camino's program this December

I felt it was a good program, and it has a pretty good reputation as far as NCLEX passing, etc.

I feel it prepared me to be an RN, but I guess you won't ever FULLY feel prepared until you are out there doing it on your own.

I take my NCLEX Feb 17th and start training as a new grad in the PICU on Feb 14th

I definately recommend the program. Its cheap, and you are out of there in 2 years, able to take the NCLEX and work as an RN.

I'm not sure, but I heard there is some kind of wait list now. When I started, there wasn't one (2 years ago)....not sure how it is now.

PM me w/any questions! I will definately be happy to answer them :)


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I graduated from LBCC last May. If you want any info on them, PM me.



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Try my school...Los Angeles County College of Nursing. The college only offer ADN program nextdoor to the general hospital in downtown LA. I pay only 700 per semester. Great clincial site, many clinical hours, excellent clinical instructors, no wait list...(if pass all extrance exam and good enough GPA), no driving to clinical site. E-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested



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hello , my name is arturo I was just wondering if there was somebody in el camino nursing program who would not mind to let me borrow there notes from first semester. I will be starting the nursing program next semester , spring 2006. thanks

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