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I know very little about the El Camino's nursing program and really need help on their application process. I've heard it is very competitive to get into the program and that they randomly accept eligible students. Is that true? but what is the applicants' average gpa in science classes? I saw they do calculation of points for gpa's, teas test scores, degrees, financial situation and etc. What is the acceptable point average for the program? I have a bachelor's degree in biology and I took the prerequisite classes in 2006. Is there a time limit for the science classes? Will they even consider applicants with a C+ in one of the science classes? Is there any advantages given to applicants with EMT certificates or veterans?

Please help me with these questions~!!:lol2:

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Hi, Kimkim. I believe that they do have a recency requirement for their nursing prerequisites.

As far as GPA and scores go, "cutoff line" varies by applicant pool per term and the program's willingness to accept a certain breadth of students from varying backgrounds. Student profile for our cohor include 8 previous-BA/BS people, 3 allied health care people from non-nursing field, a person as young as 19 to as older as mid- to late-50's. Some have impressive backgrounds, some have middle-of-the-road GPA (like 3.0 or even lower, 70%+ or less on TEAS, etc.). There also was a student from previous semester who was repeating.

My advice is for you to get that admission category sheet, run through their algorithm with your scores and see how many points you get. Go to the nursing office and speak with a lady named, 'Martha.'

Even if one does not have a sterling GPA, test scores, and BA/BS degrees, having health care experience as EMT, LVN, or CNA gives you a significant boost (3-5 points or so) just as well as volunteering experience. So, calculate your spec's and just apply. It all depends on your applicant pool. We also have two veterans.

Good luck to you.



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