Effect of Previous Degree GPA towards Application


Hello everybody!

i am new to posting, but have followed the forums for a while.

i hope this topic isn't an annoying retread for anyone, but I felt that all of you would be of more help to me.

ill make this short and sweet.

I almost finished a separate degree, Political Science/ Environmental Studies double major, at UW-Madison which is top 55 international school. Not bragging just think it would carry more weight.

Anyway, I dropped out with 102 completed credits for a GPA of 3.06.

Since I didn't complete the initial degree, all those credits transferred over to my BSN, which resulted in a 3.38 over 182 credits.

However, my GPA amongst classes that actually counted towards my BSN came out to a 3.92.

My question is: "Do CRNA schools make a distinction between credits that actually counted towards the degree, or would they in my case?"

thank you you all for your help!


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It depends on the school. You could call and ask. Also, most applications have a space for you to enter in or add an attachment regarding anything you would like to explain. You can use this section to talk about your less than stellar prior GPA, what changed, and why you believe your BSN course grades are more reflective of the type of student you will be in CRNA school.

Your prior GPA will certainly not count you out of becoming a CRNA but you may not have as many options and may have to beef up other parts of your application. CRNA schools also love it when people with not so great histories take a grad course or two (in like advanced pharm or physiology) and do great in those. That will prove your academic ability. Good luck!