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Hi, I have an interview for a job as a PCT, and I had a couple questions, hopefully someone who works there or has can answer.

I have an underlayer of silvery blonde hair, the top layer is dark brown. Should I dye it? Is this unprofessional for an interview? I can't find anything about this hair style other than bright colors.

Second question, it's for part time pediatrics night shift PCT, does anyone know how the shift works, like hours and responsibilities?

Third, any tips for my interview? I haven't worked as a CNA in a long time, my thing has expired but I am still on the registry. but I did complete a round of nursing clinicals, however even though I passed that, I failed theory so I am reapplying to my program. I am BLS certfied,, so yea any advice or tips?


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I do not think your hair should be an issue.

As far as the hours of operation, this is a good question to ask during the interview. 

Some tips:

Research the institution, particularly its vision and mission statement. You want to align your skills and previous experience with the vision and mission of this establishment. 

Speak from your experience, whether work or life. Do not lie, even if you feel answering will look bad on you, as an applicant. Remember, they will do background checks. 

Turn any negative into positive. They will ask you tricky questions, so it is alright to speak of mistakes you made. What they are looking for is how you fixed those mistakes and learned from them. 

Be open about learning new skills. Give an example that will show you are a life-long learner.

While you want to do well, which is why you will answer the questions to the best of your ability, be honest with the interviewers. You may want to say things you think they want to hear. But at the same time, think of what YOU want. For example, if they say, we only have 4am - 4 pm shifts. If this is not for you, do not say that you are flexible and will work any shifts. Simply say, I would prefer a 9-5 shift. 

Finally, this is an interview and you are not the only one to be asked questions! Prepare a list of at least 3 questions you want to ask the interviewers! Do not ask obvious questions, or questions that you can answer yourself by simply doing your research. Ask something like, "if I spoke to a PCT that currently works at XYZ hospital, what how he/she would describe work culture?" I hope you got the idea!

Good luck!


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