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I am a nursing student in Boston. I am interested in women's health and delivery. When I graduate I will have a BSN and be an RN.

I want to continue my education and I was originally thinking about becoming a women's health NP but i want to be able to deliver babies too. I know i do not want to be a delivery nurse because I want to be able to be the one doing the actual delivery. I have looked into CNP a little bit but am unsure if that is exactly what I want. I dont know enough about it to decide.

If someone could give me insight on women's NP and CNP, education and career wise, I would really appreciate it. Or if there are other options I can consider.

Thank you

Also, my school also offers an accelerated Family NP degree. They say you can take that and then just specialize in what you want, but I have talked to a few nurses and they think it is better to get the degree in the field you want. (any thoughts)


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If you want to deliver you should look in to going to midwifery school. Certified Nurse Midwifes can deliver in numerous settings. Women' s health NP is great, but you are limited. At least with a CNM you can do deliveries; and if you decide you have had enough.. work at a clinic and do women's health care. Most CNM programs want you to at least have a year of experience. Not necessarily L/D as those jobs can be hard to come by. To get your birthing fix (while you look) you can look in to getting trained as a doula. Good luck!