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Hello all, I am new to this posting/message board and am interested in dialysis, the many aspects. I am sure you all are aware that the new 'proposed language' for ESRD regulations have just been published in the Federal Register on 2/4/05. They are available for public comment until 5/4/05. The new regulations are not prescriptive regs and are focused on outcomes. After reading the first 300 pages, then the 50 pages that were published, I have some questions, if I may, ask of you.

1. In the regulations (proposed) it appears there is a minimum experience of 6 months working with maintenance dialysis. IMHO, I believe that this is not enough experience when dialysis is such a great speciality area and would welcome your thoughts and comments. thx.

2. Where can one obtain information (online) about dialysis treatment/care i.e. machine workings, patient complications, medications, etc. In other words, the entire gambit. I have obtained two books, however, they do not go into rationale for why procedures are done. thx.

You can email me or answer here.. [email protected]

thanks again.

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