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I have a bachelor's degree in nursing, from Cebu that is 8 years old. I have never passed the nursing exam, and have not pursued my nursing career. I live in Texas, and am wanting to become a LPN now. I need some advice in what direction to go from here, and the steps I need to do.Can anyone advise me? Please

Educated 8 years ago in the Philippines in my Bachelors degree in nursing, i am not a registered nurse in the Philippines. I have read in the internet BON of Texas that i need to re educate or to take the BON exam in another state since i have not used my nursing education for the past four years and im thinking of Oklahoma here where to take my board Exam when i am ready after intensive review since its my nearest State from Texas.

I now live in Texas, just married to an american last December 27, 2016 here in texas and we are also processing my green card now and want to pursue my nursing education. I am thinking of becoming a LPN, because it would be a lot easier. I do not know where to go or where to start in doing this.I have checked into things online. I think I need to re-educate, or test in another state, and then move my endorsement to Texas.There is a university close by me to get some education if necessary. I just do not know where to go , or where to start to begin the process. I am on here to seek some advice and some help in furthering my life. Please help me if you know what I can do.

This week i got the chance to talk to one of the staff here in one of the University in Texas and they referred me to the graduate school department for any further studies needed for my BON requirements since i have a Bachelor's degree in nursing in Cebu Philippines. The right person to advice me is not there to finalize what will i take up. Is there any designated or appropriate subjects to take up for me to qualify in BON exam.?

Does it mean that anything that i will take up as part of my re education in my Nursing course here in Texas will be from Masteral degree Subjects,, and not any subjects from my undergraduate course graduated.

I have a Diploma in Special education before i got my Bachelors Degree in Nursing in Cebu Philippines, I am also considering this education to put me into work if getting a Nurse License will be hard for me to get.

There are so many requirements when it comes to board of nursing, and every State is different.I guess I am hoping there is someone on here that can help me who was in the same situation.

I also need one of the best Review center for me to pass the Board Exam ,, hope you can be kind enough to suggest a better Review schools for me here in Texas for LPN.

Am i doing the right to my decision to take the LPN Exam instead of BON Exam for a Registered Nurse,, Is there a minimal difference when it comes to the difficulty of the exams between LPN and BSN?I have a good education but fear I have forgotten some of the important things when it comes to taking an exam. I know it will take some refreshment.

This is Evangeline of Texas and you can reach me out with this number 214 632 8166 and 214 650 3014 and our home phone is 940 239 6515. My email address is

My husbands E mail address is, he will help me all he can. But he does not know where to look or what to do anymore than I do.

Hope to hear from those who have knowledge about my case.

God Bless you all and i'm glad you have created this website for nurses.


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Hi Evangeline,

Do you any update on your application as of the present?