ED to Neuro Step Down

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Hello!! Hoping for any advice on switching from ED to Neuro Step-Down, I've worked as an RN in a very busy ED for the last two years. I have enjoyed it and have learned so much!! My husband and I are making a big move - WA to Texas, and I've decided to try something new. Any advice on what to study up on to get ready for my new position? I've cared for many stroke patients and have really enjoyed the experience - hence the move to Neuro. However, I recognized that my knowledge, as an RN in the ED, is very broad. Any advice on what to study to prepare me to be more successful ... typical medications, conditions, etc??



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Time Management! Seizure meds, all of the psych meds and what they are commonly used for. NIH stroke scale. TPN and stroke assessment. Spinal cord checks. Etc..