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Hi. I am suppose to applying to uncg and ecu. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that has heard about or knows what the average gpa is to get into either of these schools. I am really stressed out about whether im going to get in or not. thanks so much

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what program are you wanting to do at ECU? If you want to do the BSN program the average GPA for fall semester students is a 3.7 and for spring semester students it is 3.4. I think the hardest part of getting into ECU is their entrance exam which is the NLN PAX. For their alternate degree program (for people that already hold a bachelor's degree) they won't even look at your application unless your cumulative GPA is at least a 2.8 and it is a highly competitive program. That's. about all the info I know about ECU and I don't have any info on UNCG (I reside in Greenvile so that's why I know so much about ECU).

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