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I am going to apply to ECU, NC, nursing program in August to be accepted for the Spring 2010. I have a 3.5 gpa and have repeated some classes form when I was younger. I have mostley A's in all my nursing prereqs and a few B's. Does anyone know exactly what they are looking for? I will be CNA certified before the application period as well. If anyone has any advice on getting into the BSN program feel free to answer. All feedback would be appreciated.


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anyone ?


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Ok, I got in to ECU Generic track for fall 2010. I was waitlisted for spring having ranked in at a 9. The excepted all 10 and some 9's. I was offered a conditional acceptance for Fall 2010. I am so excited!!!!


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Congratulations FlipFlop! My daughter is applying to ECU. What exactly is the genetic track? The thought of having to apply to a nursing program after going through the stress of applying to college is scary!


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Thank you!! I have a two year degree, Associate of Science degree, from a community college. I also did most of my prerequisite classes for ECU nursing school at a community college as well. I applied to ECU a semester before applying to the nursing program and took a few classes at ECU as well. The Generic track just means the traditional track. They also offer an alternate entry into the nursing program if you hold a previous bachelor degree in any major. The best route to go is apply to the school and speak to a nursing advisor who can help guide you through the process. I know as of fall 2010 all aplicant must take the NLN-PAX nursing entrance exam and do well. They are looking for 50% and higher in all areas of testing as well as a 3.3 gpa or higher. The mean gpa for spring 2010 was a 3.4 or higher. They will then rank you by points. This includes gpa, PAX test scores, and any bonues points. Bonus points include points for no repeats in certain nursing prereq classes, if you are a CNA or LPN, went to ECU as a freshman, or have taken a full time course load at ECU prior to entry into the program. The point go form a 2-10. They excepted all 10's and a few 9 for spring. Yes it is a very long process but once you are in the school "most" advisors will guide you on what you need to do. Good Luck and if you have any more questions please ask! Applying to schools and nursing programs can be very confusing, I know first hand!

Hi... I know that this post was done a while back, but I am wondering if anyone knows about the point system at ECU. The points max out at 14. I am wondering if there are any newly expected students who would be willing to share what their points were upon being admitted. I am trying to gauge my chances at getting into ECU's program. I believe I would rank at an eleven or a ten. Will anyone share what they know?

I am rate at a 9 and i am a n.c. nurse scholar. I was wondering if anyone would have any input of my chances of getting in ECU nursing school for the spring and if being a nurse scholar will help me???

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